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The St John’s Community Team want to work with papier mache on a particular project – but need old newspapers to do this.  Could you help us out by letting us have your old newspapers please?  They can be left in the box in the Link.

Emma Smy

Community Worker

Sponsored Bike Ride for Suffolk Historic Churches Trust 2018

A big THANK YOU to all who helped with the Sponsored Ride and Stride for Suffolk Historic Churches Trust on Saturday 8th September 2018, special gratitude goes to our cyclists. A total of £195 was raised by our cyclists and sponsors: £97.50 for Suffolk Historic Churches Trust and £97.50 for St John’s.

Many thanks again to the cyclists, sponsors and recorders for this great result.

Brian and Clare Mortimer


Beetle Drive                                       

On Saturday January 19th  we will be having a social evening which will include a beetle drive and a fish and a chips supper.

We will start at 6.30 pm and the cost will be advised later

Please come and join us for this family occasion.

The list will go up in early Jan.    

Jane Martland

Shoebox Song [Tune Jingle Bells]

As Christmas draws near

Charities appeal.

Shoeboxes appear.

Love to all we feel.

So we gather round

Paper, tape and toys,

Ready to wrap presents for so many girls and boys. Oh!


Soap and pens, gloves and sweets

Dollies dressed in frocks

Hairbands, toothpaste, paper pads and multi-coloured socks. Oh!

Pencil sets, cars and combs,

Taken from our stocks

Sealed with love and laughter in each precious Christmas box!


John Boardman

Bazaar and Remembrance Sunday at Bradfield

Pearl Palmer had made lots of soft knitted toys for the Stanningfield Bazaar on Saturday 10th November. This was our stall as a contribution to the village effort to raise funds for local groups involved in the village. It was a busy afternoon and the hall thronged with people eager to find a bargain. There were boxes of books, jigsaw puzzles, cakes and competitions.

On Sunday, Remembrance Sunday, we joined the villagers at the War Memorial on the village green and together we stood in silence as we observed the 2 minute silence. Our preacher for the morning, Rev Vaughan Tong also attended. We continued our service at chapel and received Holy Communion. The communion table was given in memory of Harry Gault who died in the First World War in 1917.

We are looking forward to the return of Rev John Boardman in December, so much has happened to our small church family since September.

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East Meru Community School


Jane [Vi Goodhand’s daughter] has agreed that more beanies in school colours [purple and dark green] would be welcome for all the new pupils.  If anyone would like to knit one – or more, they will be gratefully received.

 See back page for photo of original consignment.


Exploring Worship

Dear Friends

Worship is at the heart of all we do as Christians and so the circuit ministers are offering you the opportunity to enrich your experience of worship.

We will be running a course which has a threefold function

· to enable you to have a better appreciation of Christian worship

· to aid the discovery and evaluation of gifts and skills that you have

· to prepare those who feel called to the possible ministry of worship leader

Please may I emphasise that attending this course does not make you a worship leader, however if at the end of the course you feel called to be a worship leader then that will necessitate you having a discussion with your minister.  This training will be about helping you to reach a better understanding of intricacies of worship and will require you to participate fully on all that is going on, such as discussions, brainstorming, practical activities and …… some homework!!

It will give us an opportunity to explore fully the question “what is worship?” and I hope that by the end of it you will have a fuller appreciation of worship as we joyfully proclaim all that God has done and will do.  It would certainly help those of you who are involved in Local Arrangements.

So the details …. when, where, what do I need to do/bring?

Venue: Northumberland Avenue Methodist church

Time:               7.30 p.m.–9.00 p.m.

Dates:              31st January

14th February

28th February

14th March

28th March

11th April

Please bring:              

Bible, Methodist Worship Book (I am sure you can borrow one from a church), paper and pen.

If you cannot make all of the evenings but would like to be involved then speak to Debbie or Rita.

In order that we can get the materials needed please let Debbie or Rita know by 15th January if you would like to be part of this experience.

God bless


Greetings in Jesus’ name

I am writing to you on behalf of Sudbury Town Pastors, with a heartfelt plea.

This will be the 10th year since Sudbury Town Pastors was formed. (and was it really ten years ago, that you had a young man appear to one of your Sunday morning services, who just wanted to say "thank you" for the help he had received on his Saturday night out!)

We believe that ministering to the people on the streets of Sudbury on Saturday nights between the hours of 10pm and 3am, during what is sometimes called the night-time economy, is something that God has called us to.

But for the first time, we are experiencing an acute shortage of volunteers.

We are organising a Town Pastors training evening at Sudbury Baptist Church, on Wed. Dec. 12th starting at 7.30pm, and finishing at 9.30pm. It is also an opportunity for anyone who may be interested in becoming involved, to find out more, be that as a Town Pastor, or in a supportive role at Prayer Base, or as a Home Pray-er.

This event is an opportunity for anyone interested in being involved in such a wonderfully rewarding avenue of Christian ministry, to come to the evening.

Or, if you would like to know more, and I will be only too pleased to get in touch with you.

Yours sincerely,

Frank Marsden.

On behalf of Sudbury Town Pastors.


Traidcraft update

Further to the announcements that I’ve made recently in church, here are more details from Traidcraft plc.  The first is their response to the question “What can my church do?”

The fair trade pioneer, Traidcraft plc, has recently been going through challenging times.

Following a period of consultation and hundreds of messages of support from shareholders, customers, Fair Traders, fair trade retailers, staff, suppliers, and producers, Traidcraft plc has announced a plan in which the company will be radically downsized, restructured, and transformed into a fair trade business with the strength to challenge those who profit unduly from unfair trade.

Traidcraft will once again be a fair trade business of tomorrow, but it needs your help.

It’s inevitable that during this transformation some of the partnerships that Traidcraft has had with producer groups in developing countries will come to an end. Traidcraft plc is working closely with its sister charity Traidcraft Exchange to support the producers most at risk.

During this time of change, there are two ways you can support both Traidcraft and Traidcraft Exchange to make a difference:

  1. Buy Traidcraft products. Seek out the Traidcraft stall in your church, in a church nearby, or do your shopping online at . It’s vital that Traidcraft’s Autumn/Winter Season is successful, and that we support them by buying fair trade through Traidcraft into the new year too. Every single product you buy invests in the organisation’s brighter future.
  2. Support the producers who stand to lose the most when Traidcraft downsizes by donating to Traidcraft Exchange’s Urgent Producer Appeal. Your donation will help secure a new future for at-risk Traidcraft producers as well as helping Traidcraft Exchange to continue their work with 300,000 farmers, workers and artisans in developing countries. Sign up to hear about the appeal at .

The following are extracts from a statement issued by Traidcraft on 5th November 2018:

Board accepts a plan for a slimmed-down Traidcraft with fair trade, community buying, transparency and ‘market disruption’ at its heart.

The Board of Traidcraft has accepted a plan for the future of the plc which has room for 12 employees and will begin its work at the start of 2019. It will maximise the profitable parts of the business, phase out loss-making lines, create a membership culture and set a new high bar for ethical trading in the UK.

CEO Robin Roth said: “We want our members to be co-conspirators in changing how trade is understood and practised. We want to tell consumers who gets what from the Traidcraft products they buy. We want to annoy and irritate those who profit unduly through the non-transparency of their trading activities. We will cause good trouble, just as those six fair trade pioneers who started Traidcraft did back in 1979.”

Traidcraft will initially focus more deliberately on its established partners and advocates, who are predominantly active in Christian churches. Traidcraft’s 4,300 Fair Traders, 85% of whom are motivated by faith, will be able to access a new version of the company they already do business with. Further to this, products will be available to all consumers through the online Traidcraft shop and by mail order.

Returning the business to profit will involve a simpler range of products. The new Traidcraft will:

  • establish core grocery lines
  • carry fewer craft lines
  • encourage communities to buy cooperatively and in bulk, saving on packaging and benefitting the planet
  • deliver discounts through a membership model for supporters.

The full text of this statement can be read at:

Chris Willis

Family Fair

A very big thank to everyone who helped in any way with October’s Family Fair.

Whilst we do all the advanced organising, this would be of little use without everyone’s help setting up St Peter’s, running the various stalls, providing items for those stalls, preparing food, serving customers, washing up and of course clearing up afterwards. With all this help we raised our usual excellent total, a breakdown of which you will see below.

The total was a little down on last year but we did not have the bread stall this time as this proved cost prohibitive. If anyone can think of anything for an extra money spinner for next year, we would like to know - we do not claim to be the founts of all knowledge so if you should have an inspired idea please speak to one of us

We made a point of speaking to all the stallholders that we rented tables out to again and although it was a mixed bag, they mostly did OK. Hopefully a better date closer to Christmas next year will prove more fruitful for them. One has already booked for 2019 and booking forms will be sent out to our large list of possible stall holders in the New Year.

We will finish with an advanced notice. Next year’s Family Fair will be back in its usual slot on SATURDAY 16th NOVEMBER so please put that in your diaries and keep that day free.

Many thanks,

Andrew, Julie & Gill


Entrance Donations                                    £  18.85

Refreshments                                   £605.09

Cakes                                                 £  38.20

Jams                                                   £300.45

Bric a Brac                                         £  65.67

Books                                                 £  90.36

Donations                                         £290.00

Lettings                                              £246.00

TOTAL                                                         £1654.62


Kettle and Fish

Is there anyone who would be able to help with Kettle and Fish, the cafe run by Churches Together which is open most Thursdays 10am-2pm in St Peter's? We are entirely volunteer run and many hands make light work. We would currently particularly welcome volunteers able to help in the kitchen between 12 midday and 2pm and people able to help set up on a Wednesday afternoon. However additional volunteers at any time are most welcome! Contact Ruth Ridge ( or Andrew or Anita Dixey for details.

Dates for Kettle & Fish for the coming months can be seen at .

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2019 

The Week of Prayer is international and offers local opportunities to meet and pray with  fellow Christians of different denominations. The theme this year is Only Justice.

 Resources for 2019 have been prepared by Christians from Indonesia, the largest country in South East Asia, made up of more than 17,000 islands, 1,340 different ethnic groups and over 740 local languages, united by one national language Bahasa Indonesia. With some 86% of its 260 million people estimated to be Muslim, it has the largest Islamic population of any country. About 10% of Indonesians are Christian. Indonesians have lived by the principle of gotang royong which is to live in ‘solidarity and by collaboration’, regarding all Indonesians as brothers and sisters. 

But gotang royong sits ill at ease with the neo-liberal approach to economics that has led to economic  growth, and corruption infecting politics and business, often with devastating effects on the  environment. Meanwhile those who are supposed to promote justice and protect the weak fail to do so. As a consequence, a country rich in resources bears the burden of many people living in poverty.  Particular ethnic and religious groups are often associated with wealth in ways that have fed tensions. 

The Christians of Indonesia found that the words of Deuteronomy, ‘Justice, and only justice, you shall pursue...'(see Deut. 16:18-20) spoke powerfully to their situation. 

The Week of Prayer is an annual worldwide event. It is a great joy to meet with members of other churches; please come to as many of these days as you can. 

For Sudbury & District: 

Day 1: Sunday 20"‘ January, 6:30 pm, United Sen/ice at St John 's Methodist Church. Speaker:  information not available at time of going to press. 

Day 2: Monday 21st January, 12:30, St Gregorys Church, Sudbury

Day 3: Tuesday 22"“ January, 12:30, Sufiolk Road Church, Sudbury 

Day 4: Wednesday 23"‘ January, 12:30, - St Mary's Church, Glemsford 

Day 5: Thursday 24"‘ January, 7 for 7.30pm, Open Forum at Sudbury Catholic Church 

It is expected that the main focus will be on the vision for CTiS&D, with discussion taking  place in small groups. This is your chance to hear how local churches work together in a range of  ways, and to contribute your own views. All are welcome — please do come along!

Day 6: Friday 25"‘ January, 12:30, Freedom Fellowship, Gregory Street, Sudbury 

Day 7: Saturday 26"‘January, 8 - 9:30 am, Prayer Breakfast at Sudbury Baptist Church 

Day 8: Sunday 27"‘ January nothing arranged 

Refreshments will be provided after most services. 

For those leading worship and for those wishing to follow each day’ s theme at home, the material for the eight days  can be downloaded from .       

The deadline for the February Herald is Sunday 20th January 2018

Any articles for the Herald would be most welcome

  Please email any contribution to either Tricia Campbell  - or Gill Phillips - gillian.phillips  - or leave it in the tray in the Link.

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   Volunteers to join the Coffee Rota are needed urgently.  Please let John Harris have your name if you would be prepared to help from time to time

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