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Creative Home Group at St John’s

Do you feel a bit creative? Would you just like to come along and have a look-see? If you were at the Awayday in August you may have had a taster when we looked at re-writing psalms, and inverting them.

I am hoping to start a home group which meets once a month where we can work together to produce work which can be used in services or printed in The Herald. This does not mean you are expected to produce something every month or even at all! It is just meeting in the  evening, discussing ideas and seeing where the ideas take us.

You might want to contribute with photographs or drawings which could be used along with anything that is written within the group or just by themselves. If you’re interested in this new home group that I want to launch them please let me know.

Jane Brooker.




Holiday Club Service

At morning Worship on Sunday August 26th St. John's Church rang with the sounds of laughter and children at play. These were the youngsters who had attended the Teambuilders Holiday Club during the previous week and they were keen to share what they had been doing and learning. Over the course of the week close to 100 children had attended the club.

We had team races and games in the aisles and we enjoyed some lively hymns and songs. Following the theme of Teambuilders we heard how Jesus chose his team of disciples from different backgrounds and occupations. They all worked as a team and we too achieve far more if we co operate with other people and pull together supporting each other.

The children finished their presentation holding placards reading " This is the day of the Lord's victory let us be happy and celebrate".

I think that everyone came away feeling uplifted and thanking God for the joy and privilege of welcoming these delightful children and their parents into the loving St. John's family.

Congratulations and many thanks to Emma, John and their team for all their preparation, hard work and dedication throughout the week. Holiday Club was a huge success.

This was the last Service that Rev. John Boardman would lead at St. John's before leaving for his well earned three month sabbatical. I would like to thank John and Ann for everything that they do for us at St. John's with their loving and caring ministry. I pray that they will both find this sabbatical a time of relaxation, reflection and renewal. God bless you both and we look forward to welcoming you back on December 1st.


Maureen Hearn.


Holiday Club Service

Well done John, Emma and all involved for the service to celebrate the Holiday Club.  It was lovely hearing the children’s laughter and about all they had been doing.  I felt very uplifted as I was leaving as I am sure were so many more.  Thank you for all your hard work to put this excellent service together.

Carol Whiteman



From Maureen

With reference to my article in last month’s Herald about our visit to John the Baptist Church in Buxton may I assure people that I am fully aware that the procedure with surplus Eucharistic wine is written in standing orders and that it cannot be thrown away.

I was being light hearted but if I seemed irreverent or disrespectful I do apologise because that was never my intention.

Maureen Hearn.



Green Hearts

Last February our Saturday Footprints Café made hearts filled with flower seeds.  Members of the congregation were invited to take one or more and plant them in their garden.  The picture on the back cover shows a flower that grew from John and Daphne’s heart.  [Sorry - not available on website]



New Shoe Box Procedures

Details of suggested items and banned items were shown on page 12 of the September Herald. Procedures are a little different this year so Daphne has asked me to include the new arrangements.

These are available from Daphne


Don’t forget the coffee morning on Saturday October 13th 



National Citizenship Service (NS)

NCS is a government-backed organisation that runs programs for 15- to 17-year-olds that allow them to both have fun and give something back to the community. As part of our NCS program my group ran ‘Operation Loneliness’, which consisted of a sponsored litter pick at Nowton Park and a sponsored rough sleep at Clare football pavilion, both of which were to raise money for two free social events at the pavilion for the elderly where we supplied tea, coffee and cake. During the events we gave out gift packages containing various things that we felt would be appropriate, such as mugs and wool. Together we managed to raise over £200, enough money to cover our costs and make a £100 donation to Age UK, which we are sure will be greatly appreciated. Overall it was a great experience for all of us. Thank you to everyone who made a donation!

 Jonathan Willis

Have you returned your form?



General Data Protection Regulation


The new law came into place on 23rd May 2018.

For the church this means that we will need your consent to use your personal information for our church directories, circuit directory, pastoral lists, circuit plan and also for us to send out magazines or notices etc. 

A big thank you to all who have already returned their consent forms, but please, if you have not received one or you have not filled one out, ask your minister for a form and return it as soon as possible – do also check your pigeon hole as a copy may be there awaiting your attention (we did ask for them to be returned by 31st July 2018).

We normally produce a new circuit directory for September, but until we have some more forms returned we are unable to do this.

Please give this your urgent attention.

God bless  




The Ups ………and Downs at Bradfield

During one week the events at Bradfield changed from delight to sadness.

On Saturday 25th August 2018 we held a Village Tea Party. This was the brainchild of Rev. John Boardman when he challenged us to entertain the village to tea.  We took up the baton, invitations were printed and volunteers delivered them to each house in Stanningfield and Cross Green in Cockfield. Trinity Occasional Catering Team was asked to provide an afternoon tea of sandwiches, scones and cakes.  A sunny afternoon encouraged people to the tea party and the room buzzed with conversation. There were old friends, near neighbours, new residents and families .We do not know if our efforts will bring forth interest in our church but it will encourage us to seek closer ties with our friends at St. Nicolas.

However within three days news reached us that Doris Sturgeon and Ken Steward had passed away.

Dear Doris had been struggling with ill health for a while but this summer she seemed to spend more time in hospital than at her beloved bungalow.  At her funeral held on Wednesday 12th September her nieces and nephew gave us an insight into Doris’s life.

Doris loved her family and delighted in their company.  She was keen to interest them in all things and her teacher training allowed her to do this easily.  “Techno Doris” had a modern approach to the digital age.  She had the most up-to-date TV, a sound system on which she could listen to her favourite music (Handel and Aled Jones). She owned an I Pad on which she had 6 versions of the Bible, she loved her mobile phone and was a prolific ‘texter’ enabling her to keep in touch with family and friends.

Doris was a stalwart Methodist who had held offices in the church, including Sunday school teacher and for over 20 years she was church treasurer. Doris was ably supported by her friends John and Mary Goddard who collected her from Horringer and entertained her to lunch each Sunday.  Outings to garden centres and shopping were highlights in her calendar.  Latterly when Doris was more housebound Mary and John purchased her groceries and delivered to Horringer.  Doris generously supported the work of this chapel in all things from offerings, collection boxes and special events.

The great nephews’ memories of Doris are Chocolate, Cats, Marzipan and Blue Peter annuals.

The funeral of Ken Steward took place on the following day, Thursday 13th September. Ken was born within sight of the chapel at Block Farm. He attended Culford School before taking up employment as an estate carpenter.

He was “called up” for duty in the Second World War but before he left England “Father Limmer” gave him a book containing Psalm 91 and encouraged him to read it to give him comfort while he was away at war.  During his time in the army he was frequently asked to read the Psalm to fellow soldiers who were frightened and afraid.  Ken was badly injured during the war and returned to England to fight for his life.

Many years later Ken became a successful agricultural contractor and generously donated the pipe organ to the chapel.  A new church was being built at Walsall and no provision had been made for the original pipe organ .  Ken purchased the pipe organ and it was installed before the centenary in 1967.  Margaret, Ken’s wife, continued to play the organ for the next 50 years, only retiring when ill health prevented her from attending chapel.

Times and fortunes changed and the once successful business closed down.   Ken suffered ill health over a long period of time.  The injuries and horrors of war that he had experienced made life difficult for him and his family.  At his funeral the organ that Ken had donated filled the chapel with rich music as only a pipe organ can do, and the singing resonated around the building.

Rest in Peace …. Doris and Ken.


Family Fair  – Saturday 27th October 2018

Hi everyone,

It is that time of year again and the Family Fair is back. Is that really a year since the last one?!

As always, this event would not be able to run without the assistance of all of you. Whilst we will again be selling space to various local producers of crafts etc, as well as Fairtrade and hopefully the Bread stall, we have our own tables as well that need our help with donations of items:


     Books, Records & CD’s – Philip Richardson

     Cake Stall – Jan Turner & Sue Rampling

     Bric a Brac – David Corton

     Jams & Chutneys – Andrew Clare

We also have the café of course. Everyone is so good supplying goodies to eat or helping to man the cafe that we are always able to raise an excellent total here. The usual chart will be up in the link soon so if you are able to donate your time and/or cakes, scones etc, please watch out for this and put your name down.

We are also looking for people to help at the children’s area and supervise colouring etc while parents spend their money at the various stalls.

A list will also go up in the link for anyone who is able to help us set up St Peter’s on the Friday afternoon of the 26th October.

We look forward to seeing you all on the day.

Many thanks,

Andrew Clare, Gill Phillips & Julie Rix


PS, I recently came across a book of Philip Lockley’s “Odd Odes” from 1986 (revised 1993). With the Family Fair coming up I thought it a good opportunity to revisit one of these. It is all quite relevant although newer Sudburians may not know “Tooks” which was an excellent bakery on Market Hill (forerunner after several name changes to what is now Greggs).







If you go down to Sudbury

Some late October day

Be careful where you linger

And don’t get in the way.

The Methodists are working so

Let everyone beware,

It looks like Boots’ or Woolworth’s but

It’s called the Family Fayre.


An efficient major domo

Is chosen at the first

To run his team of majorettes,

His name is Arthur Hirst.

He’s just the man who’s well equipped

To run successful fetes

For all his working life was spent

In putting up the rates.


We have a very happy time

As friendly as could be,

We buy each other’s marmalade

And drink each other’s tea.

We give each other helping hands

Whene’er some need we see.

‘I’ll gladly bake a cake for you,

If you’ll bake one for me.’


We run a busy restaurant

From ten o’clock till three

With sausage rolls and buttered toast

And sandwiches and tea.

A coffee just to quench your thirst,

A biscuit just to munch,

They did a roaring trade last year

When Tooks was closed for lunch.


A slice of ham and lettuce leaf

Tucked in a roll of bread

With buttered scone and strawberry jam

Or raspberry instead,

A cream bun or a piece of cake,

Whate’er your preference

A cup of steaming, fragrant tea,

And all for thirty pence.


And then there’s heaps of knitted goods

Like little babies’ socks

And lovely woolly coats and hats

And pretty children’s frocks,

And blouses all with frills and things

And skirts with fancy tops,

And nighties made of crepe de chine,

Much cheaper than the shops.


And there’s a stall for bric-a-brac

Where they’ll take anything

From furniture by Chippendale

To little bits of Ming

It’s really quite amusing when,

Of all the things they scrounge,

You find your old white elephant

In someone else’s lounge.


On holiday I bought a vase,

A pretty little gift

To help the stall with souvenirs

And give the men a lift.

But people wanted bargains so,

Although it wasn’t sense,

The vase I bought for one pound ten,

I sold for ninety pence.


The garden stall’s a marathon

A test of what you know.

‘Has this one any flowers on?’

And ‘Where does this one grow?’

It’s such an awful pity if

You tell some trusting lass

To stick it in the garden

When it should be under glass.


We’re a mine of information

On when to plant and sow,

A kind of ‘Gardeners’ Question Time’

Or mini Chelsea show.

And sometimes like Bill Sowerbutts

You have to say quite flat,

‘What! Tenpence for a hyacinth,

The pot’s worth more than that.’


We have some competitions too,

But ne’er a gambling game.

We guess the sweets inside a jar,

And what is dolly’s name.

And where, on desert island bare,

The pirates hid their crate.

You’ll win a lovely Christmas cake

If you can guess it’s weight.


And then at last it’s time to close,

The noise and bustle o’er.

We count the cash with great surprise,

Twelve hundred pounds or more.

And all the clearing up is done

Without the slightest fuss.

Where do we get that money from?

We get it out of us.


Re-Unite Outing

We meet on Tuesday afternoon once a month at 3.30pm and have recently been joined by the Men’s fellowship, who are very welcome to our meetings. On Thursday 30th August we had our annual outing and went to Maldon in Essex.  We met at the church and 12 members set off in the Gostart mini bus at 10.30am. We duly arrived about 11.30. The weather was lovely and Maldon is a very pretty place on the river. We spent a very good time walking, exploring and enjoying plenty of refreshments, before our journey home at about 4pm. We all agreed it had been a most enjoyable day.

Sue R.

Save Eden's Youth Centre!

Eden's is hoping to raise £160,000 by the January 2019 deadline to buy and renovate the youth centre, or we will lose this fantastic venue for the youth of the area!

The funds will: buy the buildings (44/45 Gainsborough Street), pay costs and complete much needed repairs/renovations (any unspent monies will go to support the vital ongoing work of the charity).

Please donate what you feel you would like to give to support Eden's fundraising appeal, thank you.

Background information:
Eden's Project is a youthwork charity that supports ALL young people and help them achieve their true potential, through mentoring, support and providing positive opportunities.

For 18 years Eden’s has rented a youth centre in Sudbury, it is an amazing venue for youth clubs and other positive youth activities. The basement area is perfect for the needs of young people, with wonderful character and chill-out spaces. The building has been adapted to suit the work of the charity, this includes a smoothie bar, a catering style kitchen with hatch to the conservatory, a music room and recording studio as well as office space and small meeting room.

Our landlord has recently passed away and we now have a first option to buy the buildings at a preferential rate.

If you are a taxpayer then you have Gift Aid added to your donation at no extra costs to yourself. Just follow the on screen instructions that will appear after you made your kind donation here:

Many thanks,

Eden's Project.




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