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Flowers for Worship

The Flower Rota for 2019 is now available at the back of the Church. Please consider helping with this Ministry by donating funds for flowers so that flowers can be arranged on a date chosen by you which is perhaps significant to you.

The flowers in St John’s do not stay in the church during the week, but are dismantled and delivered to our members who are unwell, bereaved, unable to worship with us, or in celebration of a joyful event in their lives.  It could be a lovely way to fulfil your Pastoral visiting, or just as a gift to a church friend. Do consider helping with this kind service to our friends in their difficult times in addition to celebrating happier events.

A small band of people arrange the donated flowers at St John’s but there is always room for more.

If you would like to try flower arranging but a bit uncertain about it one of us will be pleased to help you. Please speak to Julie Rix. It is also possible to arrange in pairs!

Have a go!

Julie Rix

 Messy Church February 2019

Down  Through The Roof

 Who expects to come to church and learn how to make an emergency stretcher?   (2 long handled brooms and 2 zipped jackets).   Plus having the experience of being carried on one!?   That is exactly what happened in the service the children and carers enjoyed at February Messy Church.  They heard the story of the faithful friends who so cared for their paralysed friend and believed Jesus could help him that they lowered him through the roof to Jesus feet.   As part of the service the children took part in dramatising the story.   They had previously taken part in various activities and crafts relating to the Bible story. -- A biscuit house with a jelly baby being lowered through the roof.   A pole used as a crane with a toy man balanced has to be transported in a large cardboard box.   Competitive activities are always welcome.   Crafts included weaving paper strips and creating a mat the paralysed man would have lain on.   How many different items could be got into a matchbox?   It helps us to think how fortunate  we are and how to help others experience Gods Love.

Messy Church was launched by BRF, Bible Reading Fellowship, several years ago and designed to appeal to all ages and backgrounds and now numbers around 3900 Messy Churches across mainstream denominations over at least 25 countries.   (quoted from BRF).   The lively children attending this February were an example of this.   The meal completes the afternoon’s activities with prizes given for the competitive games plus perhaps a few for encouragement.   Mothering Sunday Service  31st March was announced and the date for the next Messy Church, Sunday 7th April.    Happy children and carers departed on their way home.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Jane S

Karen from Lincolnshire became a Dementia Friend at work and then just three days later encountered a couple in the supermarket who looked like they needed a bit of help. Karen tells us the story:

'At the weekend I was in my local supermarket. It wasn’t particularly crowded. I noticed a couple in front of me, the gentleman seemed agitated and very anxious about something and his wife was trying to reason with him. She wasn’t having much luck.

There was music playing loudly over the PA system. I recognised the song, it was one of Robbie Williams covers of a Frank Sinatra number. As I approached the couple I could hear the man repeating, “It’s wrong- he’s singing it wrong.”

His wife looked at me, a look of exasperation in her eyes, and told me he had dementia, I remembered this can sometimes confuse the memories but still leave the emotions associated with that memory intact.

I explained this to her, and we both realised he thought it was Sinatra singing, not Robbie Williams! Apparently he was a Sinatra fan of some years.

I spent five minutes helping her to explain this to her husband, and I even ended up singing it with him! Once he understood that it was a re-recording of a song they used to dance to together, his anxiety seemed to subside. The thanks I received from the gentleman's wife made me feel very honoured, and so very grateful for the Dementia Friends Session I had attended that enabled me to assist a couple doing something we all take for granted, a walk around the supermarket, doing a spot of shopping...'

Mark the 20-26 May in your diary because that is Dementia Action Week 2019! It's going to be the biggest week yet as we unite people, workplaces, schools & communities to take action on dementia. We'll have lots more information about the week in the near future.



 One of the most amazing features of the universe is that side-by- side with immensity is the miniature. Vast deserts are the sum of tiny   grains of sand! One of the smallest items of matter is the sub-atomic   particle: ten billions of them stretched out in a row might measure one  centimetre!

When we turn to organic beings we may exemplify the smallest known insect,  the hairy-winged beetle which measures 2/10 of a millimetre. Consider also that these tiny creatures produce minute eggs! The eggs too of a parasitic wasp are so small and light that there would be 141,750,000 of them to an ounce!

 The contrast between the gigantic and the microscopic in the cosmos tells  us something important about God. The greatness of God consists in this combination of the immense plan and the minute care for detail with concern  for each individual creature. The Psalmist notes God’s personal care for him,  one small human being (Psalm 139.1,5)

 ‘Lord, you have examined me and know me.  You know all, whether I sit down or rise up..  You have kept close guard before me and behind,  and have spread your hand over me. ’

 Jesus pursues the theme:

 ‘Fear not, even the hairs of your head have all been counted... not one  sparrow can alight upon the ground without God ’s knowledge. ’(Matthew  10.29-30)  In this immense universe tiny is precious to God. 

From “Making Sense of Life” by Rev Malcolm Hill


l bought a beautiful quality candle from a garden centre and set it in on a plate in the centre of the table. Around it I arranged a number of cheap tealights l had picked up from a bargain store.

When l lit them, the central candle burned strong and bright, smoothly and serenely, while the little tealights flickered and sputtered, some barely stayed alight and some drowned in a pool of their own making and had to be re-lit. 

lt reminded me that, while we are called to be light and to light the way for others, there will be times when we shine brightly and other times when our light flickers and fades. There may be times when we feel our light has gone out and we need others to light the way for us. But so long as we keep that beautiful, pure light of Jesus at the centre of our lives, we will never be in darkness and can draw from that source of light until we can burn strongly again.

Comment on Matthew 5: 14-16

Moving Forward

On a journey, it is helpful to have some tools at your disposal.

First, a map — to show you both where you are and where you want to go, and to allow you to find connections between the two, discovering new points along the way.

Second, a telephone — a means of communication, and a way of sharing your direction of travel with others.

Third, a compass — to help you find ‘due north’ and to orient yourself accordingly.

Over recent months ~ as the Methodist Church has sought to give expression to the reaffirmation of Our Calling — the development of a Connexional Financial Strategy and a Connexional Property Strategy has revealed (in myself and others) an instinctive discomfort with the idea of ‘strategy’ in our churches. For many people, words like ‘strategy’, ‘management’ and ‘objectives’ conjure up images of boardrooms and bureaucracy — notions that surely have no place in a community led by the Holy Spirit, which “blows where it chooses” (John 3:8, NRSV)?

But the Church is on a journey, and needs to be enabled to listen. Called by God, we cannot remain where we are - we must constantly be moving forward, learning more about God and God's good creation, and finding new ways to share the gospel.

 For the journey, we need a map - a record of where we are, and some indication of where we believe we are being called to go. We need effective means of communication, to make the most of the gifts our connexional nature offers. Most importantly, we need simply to cling to the Cross – the sign by which we orient ourselves; to scale its heights, in order to see laid out before us the landscape of God's salvation.

The triumphs of Thy love display;

in every heart reign Thou alone;

Till all Thy foes confess Thy sway,

And glory ends what grace began.

Charles Wesley (1707-1788)

What does the challenge to be constantly moving forward entail for your own faith and for your church and circuit?

Taken from”the Connexion”



We all enjoy the displays in the gardens around St John's.

For those interested in a spot of gardening, there will be a spring garden clean-up to coincide with Gift Day on Saturday March 23rd from 9.00.  Coffee and cakes will be served from 10.00 am

Lent Course – “Living Fruitfully”

The Lent course is called "Living Fruitfully". It lasts 6 weeks but each week is independent of the others. Course takes place at St John's Methodist Church on Friday afternoons at 2:30pm from Friday 8th March.

It is published by EMBRACE the Middle East. Accompanying booklet costs £1 - no need to buy one though.

"Explore the Fruits of the Spirit and other key New Testament passages on growing in Christ-likeness; reflect on Jesus' own character; and be further inspired by our partners as they live fruitfully to bring transformation to those experiencing poverty or injustice in the Middle East today."

All welcome across CTiS+D

The dates are Fridays  8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th March and 5th and 12th April.  The final session will conclude with Holy Communion.  Book the dates now.




When we first met Morsheda Begum, she  had already been flooded out of her home in  northern Bangladesh several times.

 Living on a char (islands created by the  constantly moving coastlines of Bangladesh)  life had been precarious. An ever-changing  climate and natural tides meant Morsheda  and her community faced the constant threat  of flooding. 

One day when the floods came, Morsheda  bundled up her young daughter in a cooking pot  and floated her down the river to safety.  Each  time her home flooded, she was reliant on her  neighbours for sanctuary.  Thanks to your efforts during Christian  Aid  Week in 2016 and our local partner GUK,  Morsheda's home was moved to higher and  safer ground.  This could not have come a moment too soon,  as the land on which Morsheda's old home stood  was submerged under river water when the next  floods came.  Reflecting on events in 2016, Morsheda said:  ‘When you came to my house we were knee- deep in water. Today, despite the flooding, we are standing in a dry place. Last time I had to  take shelter in my neighbour's house. Now I  am much safer.’

She has also received livestock,  enabling her to plan for the future  in safety

Taken from Christian Aid magazine


Coffee Rota


Coffee Rota



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   Volunteers to join the Coffee Rota are needed urgently.  Please let John Harris have your name if you would be prepared to help from time to time.

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